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So how do I pay for my membership

As of now we only except CHECKS or CASH so please bring one of those with you.

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of things for our members to enjoy. Most of the things we offer are affected by the time of year it is. We do offer a workout facility year round and we have two basketball courts open for use. We offer Basketball for both Spring and Winter and we offer indoor soccer. We also offer a Day Care service in which you can leave your child with us after school. The nice thing about this is that the school bus willdrop them of at the facility.

Who do I ask about some workout questions I might have?

Anyone is willing to help you if you just ask. The person at the main desk will know how to work the equipment and will show you how to do so to avoid injury. Most of our patrons will help you as well if you are new and need some help.