About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Wabash Valley Family Sports Center (WVFSC) is to become a nationally recognized facility for the family oriented recreational, educational, and civic activities.


Business Hours


Monday-Friday: 6 a.m.—6p.m.

Saturday-Sunday: Closed


Going Rates


Age:   (16-22)    $125.00/ year                                                                  

Adult: (23-61)    $250.00/year   or    $75/ 3 months    or   $140/ 6 months

Family:                 $350.00/year   or    $100/month       or    $190/ 6 months

Senior: (62+)     $100.00/year     

           Couple   $175.00/year

                                  DAY PASS: $10.00   (NO XC COURSE)


Cross Country Fee's


Team:  $50 per person  (Good for one year)

Single:  $75  (Good for one year)

Day Pass: $4 (Only XC Course)       or     $10 (XC Course + Shower)